Ghidrah’s Offers Yoga Classes in Adrian, Michigan

Ghidrah's Studio


The Ghidrah's yoga studio is a space to breathe deeply, to quiet the mind, and to strengthen and heal the body. Our modern, yet cozy hatha yoga-style studio is conveniently located in downtown Adrian. Ghidrah’s is an easy 10-20-minute commute for almost anyone in Lenawee County. With yoga classes offered 6 days a week and exciting workshops every month, we offer something to fit everyone’s schedule.

Our deeply authentic classes offer explorative dives into body and self and are designed to afford personalized attention from our certified instructors, allowing beginner, intermediate and advanced clients to feel comfortable and fully integrated within our supportive community.

Ghidrah’s Mind Body Spirit tries to truly help you receive the most meaning from your yoga session. Whether you’re looking to get in physical shape, relieve stress, increase flexibility, or ease emotions, our talented, loving, and passionate instructors will help you try to reach your goals. The Ghidrah's yoga studio comes fully equipped with complimentary mats, blocks, bolsters and wedges for each student.

Our yoga classes in Adrian are fun, and guaranteed to be uniquely aimed at helping you playfully yolk mind, body and spirit together. Our instructors bring joyfulness, knowledge, and a great sense of humor to the mat. We look forward to seeing you in the studio, and we welcome you to our vibrant community.  Keep your eye out for our beginner yoga series that we offer regularly at our studio. Much love and namaste.

Our Yoga Offerings

Blended Flow Yoga- A fusion of different teaching styles without limit, ranging from Kundalini to Vinyasa and more.

Gentle Yoga- The perfect yoga class for every level. This class offers 15-20 minutes of guided meditation and a gentle yoga flow designed to loosen you up.

Vinyasa Yoga- Breath work and movement take you through this more aerobic flow that isn’t strictly sun salutations, but a blend of all sorts of flows.

Sculpt Class- This class is designed with low impact strength movements. Inspired from Pilates and yoga, you will get a sweat on and build strength without putting joints at risk.

Yin Class- This class contains longer holds in different kinds of yoga poses. It targets joint capacity and help with lasting flexibility. Each pose is held for an average of 3-10 minutes. Find candlelight and soft music inside this class, the perfect place to unravel.

Yoga Class Schedule

Mondays: Sculpt Class 5:30pm with Sam (starting September 9th)

Mondays: Power Yoga 7pm with Sam

Tuesdays: Gentle Yoga 9 am with Tara

Tuesdays: Vinyasa Yoga 6 pm with Austeen

Tuesdays: Yin Yoga 7:15 pm with Austeen

Thursdays: Vinyasa Yoga 9 am with Heather

Saturdays: 9 am Yoga with Tara, Sam, Heather or Austeen (changes from week to week)

*Scheduled teachers are subject to change

Om Shakti Om

Yoga Prices

Students (with valid I.D.): $6

Senior Discount (60 & over): $8

Yoga Teacher Discount: :$6

Drop in Class: $12

5 Yoga Class Pass: $50

10 Yoga Class Pass: $90

Unlimited Yoga for a Year: $750

Private Yoga Sessions: beginning at $50

Ghidrah’s Yoga Students Testimonials!

"Love Ghidrah's! The new location is beautiful, the store is great, and the yoga is incredible. Austeen's Intro to yoga course is so smart - a way for beginners (TRUE beginners) to learn yoga in a relaxed and supportive environment. Its so awesome to be able to attend and be a part of a community that is as supportive as the one found here. Check it out! Lots of yoga classes throughout the week, as well as a huge variety of other services offered!" ~ Bonnie Lynch

“My first yoga class at ghidrahs I was concerned I’d be intimidated since I was new to the yoga world but after my first class these worries left me. The environment they cultivate is so loving and welcoming no matter where you are in your practice. I have enjoyed experiencing each of the teachers and their different personalities they bring to share with us in our practice. Some moments you’re nearly laughing from the pure joy of new things and at others you’re in a state of deep reflection. The practices have always brought me to a new place. 
Not only have I loved the yoga practices but I also love All parts of the ghidrahs family have been so helpful every time I am in the shop no matter my needs. They are knowledgeable in their work and are eager to share their wisdom :) ~Sabrina Kelly



Tara Coumoundouros

PharmD, RYT-200, Usui/Holy Fire ART/MASTER

Tara teaches Tuesday and Thursday at 9am.


Austeen Freeman

LMT, Usui Reiki Master, RYT 200 (Currently In school for Master's in Athletic Training)

Austeen teaches Tuesday nights at 6pm and some saturday's at 9am.


Heather Couturier

200 HR RYT, Specializes in Kundalini and Kid's Yoga.

Heather Teaches Thursday’s at 9am.

sam 2.JPG

Sam McDevitt

200 YTT- Sam teaches the Sculpt class Monday’s at 5:30pm and Power Yoga Monday’s at 7pm.


Mikki Proksch

Mikkie teaches an 8 week ashtanga series, check out facebook events for more details!